Stick to baseball, 1/13/18.

No new Insider content this week, as MLB appears to still be asleep and I was working on the top 100 prospects package, which is scheduled to start running on January 22nd. I did hold a Klawchat on Thursday.

My latest board game review for Paste covers Pandemic: Rising Tide, a standalone spinoff of the original Pandemic, this time pitting players against rising waters threatening to flood the Netherlands, so players must build dikes and pumps while trying to complete four hydraulic stations to win the game. We liked it, as it gives a new twist to the now-familiar cooperative mechanics of Matt Leacock’s various games.

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And now, the links…


  1. I’ve watched the saga of George Ciccariello-Mayer with great dismay. (Full disclosure – he’s a high school friend.) Not just owing to the threats he’s received, and the media coverage that has appeared to largely ignore the full context of his statements, but also due to the lack of support that he received from Drexel. It sets a very troubling precedent.

  2. Reading the article, I totally understand the backlash against Three Billboards, which I did love (but also placed behind The Florida Project with The Shape of Water, Phantom Thread and I guess the Washington Post one left to see). I’ll have to examine my own point of view as a white person, but I also don’t think the movie ordered Rockwell’s character complete redemption, nor did it cost McDormand as uncomplicatedly good. So, yeah, I dunno. Definitely worth thinking about.

  3. Trump not working a full day was the easiest thing to predict going into his Presidency. It’s why I was convinced he wanted to win the Popular vote, but lose the Electoral. That way, he could sit in his tower tweeting all day long about how rigged the system is and how America voted for him. But most importantly, he wouldn’t have had to do any actual work.

  4. Regarding the gay wedding cake article, just to clarify, that’s about a different couple and bakery than the ones more famously involved in the Supreme Court case that was heard recently. The Supreme Court case is about Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado and the gay couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins.

  5. I thought this article about the internationalization of sports leagues since 1960 was interesting. It shows not only the big 4/5 North American leagues, but also the top soccer leagues in Europe. MLB has kind of plateaued the last 10 years at a little over 25%, but is still just about the highest of the traditional big four.

  6. Hey Keith, are you out on Top Chef Colorado?

  7. I’m bummed the Trump article didn’t get more attention because I feel like there is a lot of potential use for “Executive Time.” It could be a great cover/euphemism for taking a dump, masturbating, getting some, etc. “Where were you” “I was in the bathroom for some Executive Time.” “just got a text from my girlfriend, I”m going to head over to her place for some Executive Time.” So many potential uses.