Saturday five, 3/22/14.

My ESPN content this week:

And now, five interesting links from my non-sports meanderings on the Internet this week:

* Doctors use 3-D printing to help a baby breathe. I’m not sure science fiction ever quite foresaw what 3-D printing allows us to do.

* Using Bayes’ Theorem to locate missing planes. Mostly linked because Bayes’ Theorem is awesome and not that well understood.

* 100 serial rapists identified after Detroit finally processes untested rape kits. How many victims could have been spared? Detroit isn’t alone in this problem, but it certainly doesn’t help its reputation as a third-world city within a first-world country.

* Is Whole Foods America’s Temple of Pseudoscience, as this piece claims? I think the author is trying to make a broader point about which anti-science views we lambast and which we ignore, but he kind of glosses over how that section of the typical Whole Foods store takes up maybe 10% of the square footage. Linked within that piece: An actual “paleo” diet would be vegetarian. Eat what you want, as long as it’s good food, just don’t pretend this is somehow the “right” diet for our bodies.

* The Risk of Autism Is Not Increased by “Too Many Vaccines Too Soon”. Bookmark it the next time some idiot trots out this stupid anti-vaccine claim. It’s time to end non-medical exemptions for vaccination of schoolchildren, before we get a fresh measles or pertussis epidemic here.

Finally, I appreciate those of you who saw fit to smack down some whiners on the Cub prospect piece’s comment thread.


  1. Even the best Science Fiction writers miss out on things that seem obvious to us today. Larry Niven was a huge astrophysics geek, big fan of the space program. But if you look back at stuff like Ringworld you’ll notice that all the computers on these incredible starships use magnetic tape as a storage medium. He’d worked out the science of using lasers for communication, but he didn’t foresee using lasers to store and retrieve knowledge.

  2. Brandon Ambrose


    Thanks for sharing, in particular the Detroit story. It should be printed out and handed out to people trying to build a new arena downtown.