Matt Wieters Facts: The T-shirt.

I’m sure a few of you have seen the Matt Wieters tribute site, Matt Wieters Facts, which includes a quote they pulled from one of my chats: “Sliced bread is actually the best thing since Matt Wieters.” The guys at MWF threw that quote on a T-shirt with a graphic of sliced bread (of course), and they’ve agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt to the GlobalGiving project to help disabled children in Kenya.

That was some pretty good bread, though.


  1. It must feel pretty cool to wear a t-shirt that you are quoted on.

  2. the expression on your face in that picture murdered me. hahaha

  3. One vote for Jason Marquis as worst selection; especially if Hawpe has the Rockies minimum handled.

  4. Loved you on the Sports Guy podcast … hope you are back on for a playoffs preview.

  5. Keith – Thanks for putting this up and posting about us. The photo is hilarious. Things like this make all of the hard work on the mwf site worth it!

  6. Haha, that shirt is awesome. Purchasable through MWF?

    Also, who (besides Montero) is a must-see in Trenton or Lakewood this summer?

  7. Man, Snarkmaster K-Law didn’t pull any punches in that ASG piece. I was stunned. And awed. And want to carry your second child.

  8. I wasn’t awed. Pena over Morneau is utterly absurd. Lambasting managers for making terrible choices (they do) and then making a terrible choice does not impress.

  9. “Utterly absurd?” Debatable, sure, but that’s the fun of it. But it’s not even “moderately absurd,” especially if you think (as I do) that Pena’s defensive advantage over Morneau is understated by UZR. (I’m not sure what UZR is measuring for first basemen, but it’s the one position where its numbers seem strongly at odds with my traditional evaluations of defense.)

  10. Keith, what are your preferred metrics for evaluating defense? I know I could probably sift my way through your content and find out, but would you mind posting them in these comments?

  11. Um, looking at Fangraphs, Morneau’s bat has been worth 11.5 runs more than Pena this year, while the UZR difference is a mere .5 runs in favor of Pena. Are you really arguing that UZR is off by eleven runs (In half a season, no less)?

  12. Hmm…the guy who started the chris wheeler and cole hamels facts sites should get a percentage of these t-shirt sales one would think.


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