Updated ballot count.

This is it – my final tally. I’ve reached 120 ballots between published ones I found (with help from many folks, including the Tango and the indefatigable Repoz) and ones I gathered myself by talking to voters. That should push us up to around 20% of the total voting pool.

Without knowing whether or not there’s a skew to this sample, I’ll stick with what it tells us for predictions:

1. Goose Gossage will be elected to the Hall of Fame this year. He will be the only candidate elected.

2. If there are two players elected, the second one will be Jim Rice. However, it’s more likely that he will be elected in 2009 as he gains sympathy votes for his final year on the ballot.

3. Of the other players on this ballot, Blyleven, Dawson, and Raines will all eventually earn induction, but no one else will.

Also, my disclaimer: In response to a concern voiced in the comments by a Hall of Fame voter, let me emphasize that the totals below are a tally of published ballots and of ballots I have received from individual voters. It is not an official count.

As of 4:20 pm, Monday, 1/7:

TOTAL 120 Pct
Gossage 108 90%
Rice 82 68%
Blyleven 79 66%
Dawson 79 66%
Morris 58 48%
Smith 44 37%
Raines 42 35%
McGwire 29 24%
Trammell 29 24%
John 22 18%
Concepcion 16 13%
Murphy 13 11%
Parker 11 9%
Mattingly 6 5%
Baines 4 3%
Rose (write-in) 2 2%


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    It’s people like you, c morgan, and the members of the BBWAA, that remind us all that there is still so much work to be done. Ignorance persists. Thank you, c morgan.

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