Stick to baseball, 1/19/18.

I only wrote three things this week that you can see anywhere right now: Two posts for Insiders on the Andrew McCutchen trade and the Gerrit Cole trade; and a review of the movie Call Me By Your Name.

Everything else I wrote will go up next week as part of the top 100 prospects package. The top 100 itself is scheduled to run on Monday and Tuesday – I’m still working on the order – followed by the “just missed” column on Thursday and one page ranking all 30 farm systems on Friday, which means that last writeup will be more concise than last year’s. The org reports will run the week after. If you’re curious, I haven’t written anything besides the top 100 capsules yet. So, yeah, things are just great.

And now, the links…


  1. The Post piece cites chapter and verse the damage that Trumpism is causing to the Republican party, but the threat of the far left fringe taking over the Democratic party is asserted without evidence. The allure of access to power and prestige itself is a countervailing force among elected Democrats to the sort of legislative reality the far left would envision. D’s don’t need R’s to become fat, happy, corrupt, and complacent — for that we have actual historical precedent.

    But yeah, god forbid anybody propose a new New Deal.

  2. Why do you pre-suppose the rape allegation from the Findlay article is false? The article itself admits that its primary source is the lawsuit by the alleged. Furthermore, the justifications the author repeats (ie. “no signs that she regretted”) are ignorant at best and actively supporting rape culture at worst. The NCAA sucks, but after the debacle of Shawn Oakman and Baylor, I’m glad they’re erring on the side of caution with suspected rapists.

  3. Brian in Ahwatukee

    I too found the post piece thin. I don’t think the left is equal to the right either. Richard Spencer and James Dobson aren’t on the left spreading a special kind of hatred cloaked in smiles. I mean heaven forbid we had a political party for the people as opposed to the capitalist class. Awful ideas like removing the stigma of being a bad person for needing help feeding your family, or having a system where people can have healthcare, or spend money on citizenry instead of bombs. Just awful extremist leftists…

    We were given a choice of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. Centrist democrats lost to
    Donald Trump because centrist democrats message is “more of the same and I’m not that guy!” It’s hardly compelling.

  4. You could make your top 100 prospect list easy by putting them in alphabetical order and watch the mayhem that ensues when people see that, for example, Kolby Allard is above Forrest Whitley.

  5. I don’t know for certain, but I would guess that Adler blog is real. It’s amazingly pretentious.

  6. Hello Keith, The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant printed a story this weekend concerning water shortage in Cape Town, SA. The situation there is getting desperate, as city officials predict the city will run out of water by 21 April without major rainfall. This is a city of 4 million. This took me by surprise as I hadn’t seen anythng reported in U.S. news. Is this situation getting any attention in the U.S.?