Klawchat 7/7/16.

My top 25 MLB players under 25 post is up for Insiders.

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Klaw: Now I know how Joan of Arc felt. Klawchat.

Dana: Do you have any thoughts on the Jorge Mateo suspension? Had you heard of any makeup concerns?
Klaw: My thoughts seem pretty unfair because I don’t think we know exactly what Mateo did, but I will say a two-week suspension seems like a huge penalty. What on earth could he have done that merited that long a suspension and that public a penalty, which also devalues the player in the industry and removes him from the highly-scouted Futures Game?

Jonathan Orr: Was Piscotty close to being an honorable mention in your top 25 list?
Klaw: No, because he’s not under 25 years old.

Pat: Bigmouth Strikes Again. Do Brett Phillips, Corey Ray, and Trent Clark comprise the Brewers’ starting outfield someday?
Klaw: Kind of a best case scenario but I could see it. Big fan of all three.

Ross: Do you believe that either Rhys Hoskins or Dylan Cozens will eventually be a significant contributor to the Phillies?
Klaw: I believe in Hoskins more than Cozens because I think Hoskins is a hitter first, with power. Cozens is huge raw, less of a hitter, and I’ve mentioned before (and will probably stop now, because enough already) I have concerns on his makeup.

Jack: Did Aaron Nola’s last few starts keep him from making the list? If so shouldn’t the astronomically high BABIP show that it is mostly fluky
Klaw: Yes, it did, because from watching him I worried there’s something wrong with his arm. Corinne wrote a good piece at Fangraphs that explained why it’s not all just BABIP variance.

Bryan: Thanks for all the content Keith, really enjoyed reading the top 25 under 25. Question: has Aaron Sanchez improved his mechanics/his stride since last season? I remember that you were concerned that his stride was far too short and I’m wondering whether he has improved somewhat in that area, given his strong results so far this season. Thanks!
Klaw: Not really. It’s all physical development. I’d still like to see the longer stride; short-striders get hurt. Arizona shortened Skaggs’ stride and he blew out. Someone shortened Taijuan Walker’s stride and he started to have shoulder problems and lost his breaking ball. Sanchez doesn’t look as severe as he did two years ago, and the shit is unreal so I understand not wanting to change a thing, but I also want the guy to stay healthy as long as possible.

Steve: Do you think that Greg Maddux signing on at UNLV to be a volunteer pitching coach will entice anyone to come to UNLV that otherwise wouldn’t have?
Klaw: Well, if you’re considering UNLV and one of the greatest pitchers in history calls you and says he’d like to work with you, I think that might help.

Ray A.: Chris Shaw got promoted to AA and has not skipped a beat. Could he be this years A.J. Reed?
Klaw: Slow down. He’s power over hit, and the bat speed is a little light for me. Super strong, but I just saw him again on Sunday and I don’t think that’s going to work against good velocity.

Bob Pollard: In general, why aren’t there any left-handed SS or C? My kid is 9, throws lefty and does occasionally play short, but he’s also had some coaches who won’t put him there because “there are no lefty SS.” Catching is less of an issue. Is there something about the positioning when a lefty fields the ball? Turning the double play? He’s primed for a future of 1B/P/OF (not complaining) but curious to hear an expert’s take.
Klaw: If you can throw hard and are left-handed, you’re probably going to the mound. Shortstop presents some technical difficulties for lefties, but really I think it’s a selection bias issue.

Bob: Jake Bauers is up to 10 HR in ~300 AB this year after hitting 11 in ~500 AB last year. A fluke or is he tapping into some latent power? Worth an uptick in his profile if he keeps it up all year?
Klaw: Not really. There isn’t enough power there for a guy who’s going to be 1b only.

Enzo Amore: Was Conforto considered for your 25 under 25? He looked like an all-star in April before the injury and slump.
Klaw: Not in the majors, so no.

Will: Apart from absolutely everything, what is wrong with Casey Meisner? Injured? Not as good as we thought?
Klaw: Oakland changed his arm slot to try to get more sink on his FB. He wasn’t throwing as hard when I saw him in March.

Al: Does Judge’s recent statistical improvement reflect real improvement as a batter or is it more likely just random SSS noise?
Klaw: Any stretch that small is probably at least part noise, but I am heartened to see that his K% in June was his lowest by month this year. It’s all about contact. If he gets to the majors and is a 25% K rate guy, he’s a star.

Justin: Meat is murder Keith….to my untrained eye Asdrubal has looked fantastic at SS. I know you’ve said he is a below avg SS probably suited for 2b. Am I just used to stonehands Flores or has he improved significantly?
Klaw: I don’t think he’s changed at all. I just looked at dRS and UZR for a second opinion and both have him below average.

Alex in Austin: After experimenting 6 games at 3rd, Bregman’s been exclusively at ss. Any idea why if his fastest path to the majors is 3rd and he seems like he can help that lineup right now?
Klaw: I think Correa is going to have to move to third, so perhaps the Astros are trying to prep Bregman to take over at short at some point.

Bruce: How can you tell how a minor league K-rate (for pitchers) will translate in the Majors
Klaw: I wouldn’t say I can “tell;” I can speculate, based on the quality of the pitcher’s stuff, his command, and whether he has any deception. But I am never sure.

Aus: So no Willson Contreras in the the top 25 under 25? Or was he not eligible? If so, where would he rank if he was because he clearly is up for good.
Klaw: Still rookie eligible. No one ever reads the intro.

Carl: Are police shootings increasing recently or just more highly publicized thanks to cell phone videos?
Klaw: Probably both. You’d expect the number of shootings to increase anyway as population increases and gun ownership increases. But I also bet that when I was a kid, these shootings happened and weren’t even worthy of a news story.

Randy: L. McCullers didn’t even make honorable mention in your article despite racking up 4.2 WAR (per Fangraphs) and having a better FIP than Martinez, Ross and Gray–all while being the youngest of the group (2 years younger than Gray and Martinez). Please explain.
Klaw: Because I have serious concerns about his delivery holding up in the rotation, and he’s already had one bout of shoulder trouble, as well as whether he’ll ever have average command. This was not a statistical ranking of players.

RetNavChief: Keith, thanks for doing these chats…I look forward to them each week. Who is more likely to have a better career as a starting pitcher….Mitch Keller or Luke Weaver?
Klaw: Keller. Not sure Weaver is a long-term starter – breaking ball isn’t good enough, very small frame guy, definitely at the small end of the spectrum of starter builds.

Anonymous: Do players do a worse job of selecting players than fans? Defense disregarded over name recognition. Apparently, even all-star teams need veteran “presence.”
Klaw: Yes. Joe Sheehan identified this years ago – the worst offenses on the rosters nearly always come from player selections.

Pat: There is a lot of buzz in Bawlmer — even reporters are saying it — that Bundy might get thrown into the rotation after the ASG. This is a terrible idea, right? He’s thrown about 100 innings since 2012.
Klaw: Yes, this is a terrible idea. The guy has a real shoulder issue, no history of staying healthy since 2012, a more restricted arm swing than he had prior to TJ, and a reduced curveball. The fact that he’s even doing what he’s doing right now is great, and I like how Buck is using him as a long man. If they really want to try to start him again, wait till next year. Please.

Rick: Why have LaRussa and Stewart been given a free pass with the absolute dumpster fire they’ve created in Arizona? Seems like each has a get-out-of-jail-free card with the national media.
Klaw: TLR has a lot of supporters in the media, yes. But I think overall the tenor of commentary on them has been more towards “dumpster fire.” The Yoan Lopez comments were peak La Russa for me. Either he’s a liar, or their scouts flat-out lied to him, or they have the dumbest pro scouts on the planet. (I doubt it’s #3.) Lopez is closer to non-prospect than he is to “top 3 in any organization.” He’s a mediocre arm without command or feel and with bad makeup. You screwed up signing him. Just admit it, change your process, and move on.

Rick: Seems to be a push in some circles to promote Rhys Hoskins to AAA for the 2nd half of the season. Do you see value in letting him play out the year in Reading where they’re winning at an insane clip and he’s mashing on a near nightly basis?
Klaw: No, I’d promote him. Not young, so let’s go already. Also Reading is a great HR park and I don’t think leaving a hitter there benefits him at all.

BG: There seems to be somewhat of a consensus among national writers that A) the Braves should trade Teheran, and B) they shouldn’t expect an impact bat like Benintendi back.
Klaw: I don’t think they have any reason to trade him. He’s signed cheaply for years and without him they will be scraping for innings this year and next. He’s their Opening Day starter at the Big Con next April.

EC: Did Nats get a steal in Dane Dunning? Underutilized in college it seems, so maybe more miles left on the arm?
Klaw: I thought so. Loved him. Liked their draft overall.

Banksy_: 2 Part Question. T or F. Groome signs for no less than $5M, at the last possible moment. T or F. The Padres had $6M waiting for him at 24/25.
Klaw: False on both.

Nelson Briles: Do you know what the issue is with Joey Gallo? He was great to start the season and got called up to the majors, but then Jeff Banister didn’t play him. Since going back down, his strikeouts are way up, he got benched for what sounds like an attitude issue, and there’s whispers that he’s pouting. This is a guy who supposedly has great makeup — what’s going on there?
Klaw: If he’s pouting, he’s justified. Banister not playing him at all was completely unacceptable, and I’m surprised the front office didn’t come down on him for it. If we give you a player, you play him, or we find someone else to do it.

Harrisburg Hal: How many books do you have going at one time? Are you a ‘one at a time’ reader? I have a couple books depending on where I am – one kindle, one for the pool, one beside my bed, etc.
Klaw: One for me, and one I read with my daughter. That’s usually it.

TJ: Another depressing story with Kang. Understood that the facts have yet to unfold, but any initial thoughts based on the way the Pirates have reacted so far? Seems interesting that Olivera was suspended almost the moment things broke but Kang is still playing, even starting. Would you read anything into this or just an example how individual teams may handle similar situations in completely different ways.
Klaw: Olivera was arrested, wasn’t he? If Kang is charged, my guess is he’ll be removed from the roster somehow. Such accusations, in the abstract, are more likely to be true than not, so while I’m waiting for more information here, this is not good news. And I have no problem with the Pirates waiting too.

Kevin: Based on John Coppolella’s recent comments, it sounds like the Braves are going to be aggressive in the development of Kevin Maitan and try to move him along quickly. Is that the right approach for an advanced hitter or should they try to play it safe with him?
Klaw: I think he’s comparable to Sano, who was in the Appy League at 18. That would imply Maitan in the Appy League too in 2018.

Lance: No Roguned Odor on the Top 25? I know you once viewed him as a potential star, has that changed?
Klaw: He hasn’t progressed at all this year. When he walks more than once a fortnight, we can revisit. He has the ability, but not the skill, if that makes sense.

Jake: Can Kevin Newman be a potential all-star one day?
Klaw: I think so but you’re probably asking his biggest fan outside of the Pirates’ organization and maybe his mom.

DC: You are an intelligent guy and capable amateur lawyer — what do you think of the no indictment for HRC based on Comey saying it would be hard to show “intent”, something that is purposely not written into the government statutes. I cannot imagine ever voting for Trump, but it sincerely feels like we are slipping closer to banana-republic territory looking at the state of our politics and rule of law.
Klaw: I thought of the banana republic analogy just last night because we could very well be looking at the last five Presidents including a father and son as well as a husband and wife. There are African dictatorships with more diversity in leadership.

Bruce: Do you like Josh Bell to be an above average 1B, or just about average?
Klaw: Hitter, well above average. Fielder, well he’s a good hitter.

Larry: Is Coppy serious by saying he’ll only take major league talent in return for Teheran? That seems shortsighted for a team that is years away.
Klaw: Again, they have Teheran signed for cheap for several more years. Trading him for A-ball kids isn’t necessary or advisable.

JR, Hartford: Hey Keith, Nice to see Dom Smith up to 10 HR’s this year. Where do you peg his eventual power numbers? Could he be a 1st division starter with 15 HR/year poer? 20?
Klaw: He has the raw power for 20+.

JR, Hartford: Hey Keith, ever read any Tom Robbins and if so are you a fan?
Klaw: Jitterbug Perfume. Didn’t do much for me. Fast read, a little too pop-philosophical for me.

Drew: Apparently Trea Turner is off to a good start in CF for Syracuse. While I still think he’s still the Nats’ shortstop of the future, is it fair to say they have a more pressing need in CF right now?
Klaw: Yes. I’ve said I support this – yes, I’m not an Espinosa believer despite the big June, but CF is a clear hole and if they’re committed to Espi for the rest of 2016 then use Turner, who is ready, to fill another void.

Tom: Trout’s throwing out his usual MVP caliber season which won’t even get him in the top 3 in MVP voting this year because his team is so lousy. What’s the earliest LAA can reasonably be good (short of Pujols suddenly retiring), or are they just destined to waste their remaining years with him?
Klaw: Can’t see them turning this around within five years. The farm system is so barren; they could still end up without a top 100 guy this winter, their first-round pick from 2015 is terrible, their top remaining pick from 2014 is terrible, their top pick from 2013 quit in the spring. They should try to sell and see if they can restock their upper levels enough to field a better team around Trout in 2018 between some younger players and perhaps new overpaid veterans. Wow, that came out harsh.

Mike: Mickey Moniak hit his professional HR today. Is it realistic to believe he can hit 25 HR’s per year at maturity?
Klaw: I do not believe so.

Hank: Now that it’s just a blister for Max Fried, do you have any reports on him this year? Last few starts have been really good, walks are dropping.
Klaw: Back up to 96, CB good, command improving, really just been rounding back into pre-injury form the last few starts.

Archie: People in the baseball industry who are against throwing the splitter all seem to point to Japanese pitchers, who all seem to throw it, when they break down as evidence. Have any of these guys read Passan’s book and noticed that these Japanese guys have also thrown off of a mound for about 3 hours per day since they were 10?
Klaw: The evidence against the splitter is weak where it exists at all. The evidence against the cutter isn’t exactly any stronger. I’m starting to wonder if all of these scapegoats are to prevent us from staring the obvious in the face: Guys who throw really fucking hard all the time get hurt.

addoeh: Thank you for the cornmeal waffles recommendation at Hell’s Kitchen in MPLS. Bar La Grassa was excellent (scallop app in particular), as was the brick and mortar version of Butcher & The Boar.
Klaw: Awesome. Such a great town. Wish I had more reasons to go there for work.

Jonah: Has Chad Kuhl’s good start as a starter changed your long-term view on him?
Klaw: No, especially since he hasn’t had a “good start” in the majors through two outings, and he still doesn’t have a weapon to get LHB out.

EC: How hard of a bargain can an agent drive for a client that was drafted? How do the guys drafted in rounds 9/10 sign for $10,000? Couldn’t they say “no, I want more or you lose it all?”
Klaw: They don’t lose it all though; they lose just the amount for that slot. It’s not a huge dent in the overall pool. If a player agreed to $10K in the 5th round, he could, in theory, renege on the deal and throw a real dent into a team’s plans. That’ll happen at some point and then we’ll see some real fireworks.

Philip: Would Paddack make the Padres top 10 for you?
Klaw: Yes, no question.

Junior: Why does AJ Preller get so much hate from fans (from other teams primarily) and media? The team is bad (was before he got here), but the trades have actually been pretty good i.e., Wil Myers!
Klaw: SOME trades have been good. Then there’s Matt Kemp.

Lemon: Devers making a big push as of recently… the people who poo’d on your ranking of him can take a chill pill
Klaw: He’s 19 in high-A. Any performance at all is a bonus. And even at his worst he wasn’t getting overmatched.

MP: If you had to choose a guy to be a top of the rotation anchor, you’d place your bet on J. Thompson, J. Hader, J. Hoffman, A. Garrett, or Reynaldo Lopez??
Klaw: None of them, really.

Carlos: Hi Keith, big fan of your work. I’m trying to get behind your perspective for picking all-stars (as a kid I just assumed whoever had the best first half deserved to go). I guess my concern is that the difference breakout and fluke is somewhat subjective. So it feels unfair that someone like Jake Lamb – whom I love and think clearly deserves to go – should have his all-star candidacy determined by whether people think he’s legit or not.
Klaw: Isn’t there always a subjective aspect to it, though? It’s about where you draw the line between the objective parts of the process and the subjective.

Jeremy K: Javy Baez’s K-rate has dropped year over year and is now only slightly below the MLB avg. Do you see him becoming less and less likely to bust?
Klaw: I don’t think he’ll “bust” and don’t think I ever predicted that, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a regular since he remains way too aggressive and hasn’t shown any real progress there.

Jim: Trey Mancini, can we get excited yet? Are you still down on his power?
Klaw: You can get excited, but I don’t see what there is to be excited about. It’s not a good swing and I don’t see above-average power.

Jon: I’m doing a gift exchange and the person I am gifting loves board games. I do not play many, or at all. They have mentioned Pandemic, Small World, Codenames, and Betrayal At House On The Hill as some of their favorites. Is there anything that you would recommend close to that? Or just go straight to your list for Jaipur / Carcassone / Ticket To Ride? Thanks for the help!
Klaw: Castles of Burgundy or 7 Wonders would be good choices.

Jason: Suggestions for a 4 year old interested in board games? He sees us play all the time and loves joining in with some large modifications, so thinking of getting a few games that he can pretty much play completely and are appropriate for his age.
Klaw: Ticket to Ride for sure. It just becomes a color-matching game for a kid that young, and once he can grasp the map a little, you can work in the route cards.

JDFitz: BA wrote about Taylor Ward moving back a few inches and opening his stance slightly while in the box; he’s been hot the past few weeks. Can such a minor change really have that great an effect, or is such a hot streak just a fluke of statistics? (Been a fan for a long time; thanks for being a consistent source of information and amusement. You are very much appreciated.)
Klaw: Those streaks are usually just flukes, yes. He’s 22 in high-A, in a good hitting environment. It’s also easy to get hot when your team takes a road trip to Lake Elsinore and High Desert. The guy to watch on Inland Empire is Kevin Grendell; if he can throw strikes at all he’s got a pretty special arm.

Matt: As a lefty who played some 3b/ss at a young age, it is really hard to make the throws necessary. Have to make a big turn to get any weight behind the ball, so every throw becomes all arm in an awkward direction or takes too much time to turn, set, and throw. Now, catching on the other hand, seems like it should be more possible for a lefty to do.
Klaw: A lefty could absolutely be a catcher, but again, I think if you’re LH and throw hard enough to catch someone will want you on a mound.

TK: Can’t remember if I’ve ever seen you mention one, but have you ever tried a legacy-style board game? My wife and I are currently nearing the end of a Legacy Pandemic game and it has been amazing.
Klaw: I haven’t. I chatted with two readers at the Trenton game on Sunday and they also raved about Pandemic Legacy, but the problem I have is that I really don’t play any one game 12+ times like that. We play different games, we review new ones, but one game that many times in a row? It would take us months.

JC: Do you think David Dahl makes it up in 2016? Would it likely only be a Sept call-up unless CarGo is traded?
Klaw: Yes, and probably yes.

Bartleby: Can you imagine the laser show that backyard wiffle ball must have been like at the Seagers?
Klaw: I got mocked by a few Seattle fans when I said that Corey would be better than Kyle (this was when Corey was drafted). Corey’s at 5.4 fWAR in 113 games in his career. Kyle’s best single-season fWAR is 5.5, in 159 games in 2014.

JB: Any way Arroyo could be called up for the Giants later this year in a utility role? With all the infield injuries, I’m not sure Ramiro Pena and Grant Green will be guys I want to rely on, and I am no fan of Kelby Tomlinson either. Thanks for your work, easily the best thing on ESPN
Klaw: Don’t think Arroyo’s eye is ready for that. Good prospect still, but definitely showing some areas for development now. And thank you.

Caroline: Going to San Diego. Have three dinners. One is Juniper and Ivy. What should the other two be?
Klaw: Cucina Urbana and Searsucker. Also have lunch at the Crack Shack and breakfast at the Mission. Maybe Bottega Americana. I should write this up.

Ed: Hope to see you here in SD for the ASG. Considering the weak FA class and lack of impact arms available does Drew Pomeranz net a significant return from the Red Sox or Rangers in the next month?
Klaw: I will be there at the Futures Game on Sunday and will try to get to the outfield concourse for a fan meetup if there’s interest. I think he’s one of the best SP on the market this year, so yes.

Nick: After reading the reports on both Moniak and Rutherford, it seems like Rutherford has the higher ceiling of the two correct?
Klaw: Higher offensive ceiling for sure. Moniak probably stays in CF while Rutherford probably ends up in LF, so there’s automatically a big gap in their values when you’re looking at them compared to their positions (replacement-level or average), which is why Moniak went 1-1 and Rutherford seemed to be out of the mix in the top ten.

Scott: Glad to see that Amed Rosario has been chosen to replace Mateo in the Futures Game this Sunday. Are you a believer in his bat long term?
Klaw: Absolutely. Kid’s a superstar.

Matt: Why doesn’t Jeff Hoffman get more K’s?
Klaw: Lack of deception in the delivery or fastball life. Don’t think he’s a top 50 prospect – I’ll be doing a top 50 next Thursday so that’s kind of on my mind at the moment.

Dan: What did Dilson Herrera do to piss off the Mets FO? Seems like they’ll try anything except promoting him to address their roster problems. Have you ever heard that there are makeup issues with him or something?
Klaw: Never. But it seems clear they don’t want him. They signed a domestic-abusing has-been instead of promoting him.

NukeLaloosh: ETA on Casey Gillaspie?
Klaw: September or early next year.

Doug: Good chance Benintendi heads to Pawtucket after the Futures game?
Klaw: I don’t believe so, although given what he’s doing in AA, I say now, as I said in the spring, he could help Boston this year.

Elton: I am overwhelmed by the TV options at my disposal. You touted Master Of None in a past chat (and I enjoyed it); anything else striking you recently?
Klaw: I’m going to watch The Night Of, but otherwise, I’ve given up on most TV. I don’t want to make commitments to lots of long story arcs and honestly if I’m not watching baseball I’m happier with the TV off anyway.

Banksy_: Quick and dirty scouting report on Morejon? Sounds like he’s getting a huge bonus, is he worth it in your opinion?
Klaw: He was in our international preview and I’ve heard $20-22 million. Yes, he’s worth it.

James: jason -Boardgames for kids go find some of the HABA brand games. We have four of them and our kids love them. You should be able to find them at your local game shop.
Klaw: Thanks. Jason, there you go.

Carlos: Follow up re: all-star selection… Fair point but isn’t it more objective to base it on statistics rather than future expectations?
Klaw: I haven’t argued we should base it on “future expectations.” We should consider whether the statistics we have are more noise than signal. That’s not the same thing.

Nic: Why do you think Dillon Tate has failed to gain traction in Low-A?
Klaw: He came back from the hamstring injury missing some velocity.

NukeLaloosh: Hosting a 6-person game night with age range of 6-to-40: What game would you recommend? We have Ticket to Ride and Scotland Yard but willing to order something new. Thoughts?
Klaw: That’s a 7 Wonders night if you don’t mind helping the 6-year-old.

NukeLaloosh: Have you played Agricola? Thoughts?
Klaw: Yes, in fact my Paste review of the new edition should go up today.

Joe: Can Chance Adams remain a starter?
Klaw: I think so. Tried to see him last week but rain pushed him back to Bowie rather than at home.

Anonymous: Help decide a debate between friends: Brian Dozier and Kohl Stewart to the Dodgers for Jose De Leon and a low level prospect is fair to both sides.
Klaw: Which friend is the rabid delusional Dodgers fan?

Ryan: Derian Cruz and Cristian Pache off to hot starts of Atlanta in GCL. Are you high on either or both?
Klaw: Both legit.

Jeb: Any chance that we’ll get so see a writeup of your visit to Trenton?
Klaw: No, I am not planning to write that up.

SOL: I recently loaned money to a family member, and I think I may get burned. Do you have a personal policy on it?
Klaw: I’d never loan money to a friend or family member without assuming I might not get it back. If that makes you uncomfortable, then don’t lend it.

Nick: Ok with Diaz getting added to All star game?
Klaw: Cards needed a rep and it had to be a position player, so yes. Not that I need to be “OK” with it but I know what you’re asking.

Eloy Jimenez: Temper the enthusiasm for me? Or get excited to be a Cubs fan for the next decade with with guys like me still coming up?
Klaw: Nope, I refuse to temper the enthusiasm.

Dave: I know he’s well short of Machado and Correa, but does JP Crawford compare at all to Xander or Seager for all-around upside? Side note: we’ve really been spoiled by the uber SS’s the last few years.
Klaw: Different sort of player. I think Crawford may end up the defensive star of the group, with good OBPs, but lighter on the ‘traditional’ stuff like AVG or especially HR.

Tim: Yohander Mendez has had a nice season and even handled himself well in a spot start in AAA earlier this week. What’s his upside?
Klaw: Maybe #2 starter. Three pitch guy, changeup is plus which isn’t ordinarily what you want from a lefty but CB is at least average, still some projection in the body. His 67 innings this year are actually a career high because he’s had some injury history. I think he was in my Rangers org report in February.

Henry: Bo Bichette is tearing up the GCL so far. Is this a harbinger of things to come? Is he going to work his way into being a legit prospect over the next couple of seasons?
Klaw: Someone asked about him last week too, and my answer hasn’t really changed. I in really liked his bat last summer, but this is a tiny sample in pro ball, and remember his brother, who was never half the prospect Bo is, raked in the GCL too.

Greg P: Keith – what’s the timeframe on Bradley Zimmer’s path to the majors? Power/speed combo, but lots of swing and miss – will that hold him back?
Klaw: Gotta hit lefties or he’ll be just a platoon guy.

Lars: Do you see Trevor Bauer or Danny Duffy being able to maintain this for a long period of time?
Klaw: Both have the potential. Probably more a believer in Bauer than Duffy.

Anthony: Franco not in top 25 under 25 or honorable mention. Accident or something else?
Klaw: Accident? Really? No.

Steve: Regarding Ryan Dull…did you ever scout him and/or expect this type of success?
Klaw: I think I saw him in 2013 in the AFL and he wasn’t much, but that’s ages ago and really relievers just come out of nowhere. This is another reason putting Brach in the ASG is silly. It happens all the time.

Ron: I think Max Kepler is going to be fine. Takes some pretty good at bat already. Potential All-Star? Above average player? 18-20 Taters a year?
Klaw: Potential All-Star. Could see 20-25 HR, maybe only .240-260 most years, but with solid OBPs because he’ll walk. I say potential All-Star because if I’m light on the bat, or he has a high BABIP year and hits .280, he’ll be an All-Star.

MF: Boros is making waves about the Brewers sending down Davies until his natural turn is back after the ASB. Does he have a point? It does seem odd, but is it unusually “disrespectful”?
Klaw: My main reaction to this was that I was surprised Davies has Boras.

Dilson Herrera: Why was I selected for the Futures game, seeing as I’m no longer considered a prospect?
Klaw: Probably to get a Colombian player on the roster. Whatever – it’s an exhibition, let’s have fun with it.

Craig: Should the pirates trade meadows for MLB help or trade one of their current OFs?
Klaw: This is a topic for another day, but the hard truth is that it’s time to look at the post-McCutchen era in Pittsburgh. They’re not going to pay to keep him, and there’s at least some chance his most productive years are already behind him.

Klaw: That’s all for this week. I’ll be in San Diego on Sunday and hope to meet many of you there. The next chat will be Thursday, after the top 50 prospects update is posted. Thank you as always for reading.


  1. Hi from a pub in London!

  2. This chat is a good example of why I’ve always maintained you should do a bi monthly board game chat. Ha!
    I mean, it’s not like you’re busy or anything.

  3. “But I also bet that when I was a kid, these shootings happened and weren’t even worthy of a news story”

    Good point – and if there was a news story, it was “Hero Cop Saves the Day”

    • And now we have “unarmed black man killed by racist white cop.” And everyone from the president to BLM stoke up their useful idiots to burn down the city, at least until the facts come out. Meanwhile, murders in Chicago and such places get no pub because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • I think what we have today is “unarmed man killed by cop.” And that’s a big fucking problem.

    • andrew stead

      Is there anyone who can read that doesn’t know about a gun violence epidemic in the U.S.? The problem is one party thinks gun control (which works in every other developed country) is the solution, the other party thinks more guns is the solution. But Mistro, if you have a plan for getting US gun-death rates in line with every other developed nation, please don’t keep it to yourself.

      Otherwise, there is a pretty big difference between “let’s make the necessary changes so that agents of the state stop killing unarmed minority citizens” and “let’s stop gun-related crime”. Both are worthy goals, but one is much better defined and easier to approach.

  4. re: children’s games – Gamewright Games (http://www.gamewright.com/gamewright/index.php?section=games) are also excellent. They also do Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. Our daughter has aged out of them for the most part, and we now primarily play Catan, Tokaido, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne or Splendor, but they were big hits when she was 4-8ish.

  5. A Salty Scientist

    Honestly Mistro, what is your point? Is it that we shouldn’t care about disproportional instances of police injustice against our fellow black Americans because they also suffer from an even higher disproportional murder rate?