Stick to baseball, 1/6/18.

I’ve had no new content off the dish this week, as baseball is boring, and I’m working on my top 100 prospects package, which will run later this month. I will have a new board game review up on Paste next week, however.

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  1. I’m not at all shocked that Kyle Smith couldn’t write an article complimentary of a Democrat/liberal/someone not conservative without throwing in a few digs at the person. He’s a terrible writer, as evidenced by his film reviews, which have to be the worst of anyone not named Armond White.

  2. “Jonah Weiner” is the perfect name for someone writing about a sausage eatery.

  3. Hey, Keith. You use the term third-wave a lot, and I must admit that I’m not terribly sure what it means. I like good coffee, but I don’t put a lot of effort into seeking it out. Do you have a good primer on the subject (the three waves, I mean) you might recommend?

    • The first wave was mass-market retail brands like Maxwell House. The second was somewhat better roasters like Starbucks, Peets, and SBC. Third-wave covers smaller roasters with even higher quality coffees; they tend to also serve much lighter roasts, which highlight the bean’s qualities.

  4. I am guessing this means you will not be firing up Tom Brady’s avocado “ice cream”?

  5. So I Googled 3rd wave coffee and learned Stumptown is around the corner from my work and Intelligentsia is a short walk. I’m not a huge coffee head but am i crazy not to try them?

    • You should definitely try Intelligentsia. You don’t have to make it an every day thing, but… it’s good, man.

    • Seconded. Intelligentsia is one of my favorite third wave spots, a must for me every time I’m in Chicago.

  6. Four Barrel’s apology letter was just worst. Hey, we are changing the name of the company and here is the way you can now buy coffee! The only thing they forgot was the recipe for cinnamon pizza rolls.

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