Stick to baseball, 7/28/17.

For Insiders, I ranked the top five farm systems in baseball, broke down the Jaime Garcia trade to Minnesota, and broke down Tampa Bay’s trades for Lucas Duda and Dan Jennings. I also held a Klawchat on Thursday.

UPDATE: I’ve got one more Insider post covering a few small trades from this week.

I appeared on the Freezing Cold Takes podcast this week, discussing my worst takes, my scouting process (and how failed evaluations have changed it), and Smart Baseball.

I’ve exhausted most of my signings schedule, but will be at GenCon in Indianapolis, signing books on Friday, August 18th, and I believe I will also be signing books at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia in November. Also, Volumes Book Cafe in Chicago has signed copies for sale; call (773) 697-8066 to purchase one.

And now, the links…


  1. Hey Keith,

    What did you think of Trump endorsing police brutality and the police behind him laughing?

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the Revival rec on your Minneapolis Eats post. We’re staying downtown for a wedding which unfortunately put us too far from most of the spots you discussed, but the description of the chicken seemed worrh thr trip. It did not disappoint.

  3. Keith, the Arcade Fire story is a fake. A pretty convincing one. In this light the story is pretty funny.

    Gilliam has referenced it on his Twitter account.

  4. Regarding the food evolution link: I just don’t understand the hate against GMO foods. From what I understand just about every edible plant has been modified in some way. Do these people not eat nectarines?

    Regarding the condiment ban in Albuquerque: The guy is 94, let him eat whatever he wants st this point, he has earned it.

    • The anti-GMO people are in for a rude surprise when Panama disease wipes out the rest of the Cavendish banana plantations. It’s either going to be a genetically modified banana or no bananas at all.

    • A Salty Scientist

      IMO, it’s rooted in anti-corporation sentiment (see Monsanto conspiracy mongering). Stunning and embarrassing to see academics sign this (notably, didn’t notice any geneticists on first glance). This is like HIV/AIDS denialism.

  5. Keith, I read Smart Baseball in a three-hour lounge by the pool; I owe a nasty sunburn to you (JK). Excellent book, and I was really, really pleased that you didn’t use the terms algorithm, standard deviation or T-test in the text. I got a bit scared when you started discussing correlation analysis, but you did a great job explaining it in context. I particularly loved your analysis of the HOF voting over the years. Hope you write another baseball book in the near future.

  6. Two uses of the word Nazi in this post but no mention of the word socialist or communist despite the appearance of Venezuela and the hunger problems there. Keith, why are the people of that country so hungry?

    • Are you really so stupid that you think I’m a socialist? That might be the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to me.

    • Hogan: You might want to read the debate we had in the comments section just last week.

    • I didn’t realize there was some kind of parity requirement whereby each mention of Nazism must be balanced by points about communism.

    • Particularly since the references to Nazism/far right had to do with a private citizen and a private company while the socialist institution is a foreign government well known for being just that,