Stick to baseball, 7/8/17.

For Insiders this week, I previewed the Futures Game and broke down some of the worst omissions from the All-Star rosters. I held a Klawchat on Friday.

On the non-baseball front, I reviewed the high-strategy boardgame Great Western Trail for Paste this week. I also have a new piece up at Vulture looking at how the TV show Orphan Black has used boardgames as an integral part of several episodes.

Thanks to everyone who’s already bought Smart Baseball; sales spiked this month between Father’s Day and the positive review in the Wall Street Journal. I’ve got book signings coming up:

* Miami, Books and Books, today at 3 pm
* Harrisburg, Midtown Scholar, July 15th
* Berkeley, Books Inc., July 19th
* Chicago, Volumes, July 28th, 7:30 pm
* GenCon (Indianapolis), August 17th-20th

If you’re with an independent bookstore and would like to host a signing, please contact Danielle Bartlett at HarperCollins; we’re trying to accommodate everyone we can within my work schedule. I’m talking to one store about a signing/talk in Brooklyn (along with another author) in August or early September.

And now, the links…


  1. Thanks for posting the piece on states targeting cities like Austin. The story regarding Austin’s tree ordinance goes a little deeper: Greg Abbott likes to tell a dubious story about how he was personally harmed by the law, suggesting a hint of spite on his part:–politics/gov-greg-abbott-bone-pick-with-austin-tree-ordinance-personal/JqAam3dXSUZKxXCTZP2ofM/

  2. The road rage killing you cited came to mind very recently with this little incident…

  3. KLaw, have you been to Husk (Charleston)? I thought it was excellent. Nice menu. One of the better shrimp and grits I’ve had there, and I tried a lot while there. S.N.O.B.’s was very good too. Cru Cafe is very good for lunch. My wife had a brisket sandwich that was the most memorable food offering we had while there.