Stick to baseball, 6/17/17.

I recapped the drafts for all 15 NL teams and all 15 AL teams on Friday and Thursday, respectively, and previously had reactions to day one and day two of the draft, as well as a Klawchat during day two.

I did manage to squeeze in a boardgame review for Paste, breaking down the family-level tile-laying game Bärenpark, which has a Tetris/Patchwork-like mechanic and plays well with four but needs a few rules tweaks to keep it fair.

Smart Baseball continues to sell well, according to my editors, so thank you all for buying, reading, and talking it up. I have signings coming up in Toronto (6/26), Miami (7/8), Harrisburg (7/15), Berkeley (7/19), Chicago (7/28, details to come), and at GenCon 50 in Indianapolis (August 17-20).

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I was a bit busy this week, and was offline most of the day Thursday as we went strawberry picking, which means we now have jam and strawberry-rhubarb pie, so the list of links is pretty short. I should be back to normal next week.


  1. Thanks for the Uber link. I’m a little surprised that Uber’s sordid experience in Austin wasn’t cited as it’s yet another compelling reason to avoid doing business with them. Uber (and Lyft) financed a special ballot initiative that would give them a special exemption from regulations, an exemption that would not apply to traditional taxi services ( Austin voters defeated the initiative, so Uber and Lyft both left the city…and then successfully lobbied the state to pass a law that overruled Austin laws. Uber is now back, and they’re subsidizing their rides, undercutting the local companies that took over in their absence.

  2. Thoughts on Freddie trying 3rd to keep Adams in the lineup? Has Adams raised his trade value considering hes done well against lefties?