Saturday five, 3/29/14.

My ESPN content from this past week:

There will be a Carlos Rodon blog post at some point on Saturday as well. EDIT: Here’s the Rodon post, plus notes on Trea Turner and more prep bats from the NHSI.

This week’s five links of note…

* Intestinal flora are why dark chocolate is good for you. Not why it’s delicious, though.

* Big Brother is watching you eat. I don’t want the government in my kitchen any more than I want it in my bedroom.

* There’s a polio outbreak in Syria, and it might spread. By the way, you know who else hates vaccines, along with the ignorati here who think they cause autism? The Taliban and and Boko Haram. I’m sure they’d welcome Jay Cutler with open arms.

* Italy angered by foreigners’ mafia-themed food. It sounds funny, but it’s not, really. It’s a lot like my arguments about Native American-themed team nicknames – you’re playing on negative stereotypes that offend the people in question.

* From last July, how Detroit’s bankruptcy might impact its housing market, which I came across while writing the Cabrera reaction piece.


  1. Hi Keith,

    Have you ever written about your struggles with anxiety? I’ve recently been diagnosed with a panic disorder and have been receiving treatment after having a few severe panic attacks. One thing I always find reassuring is hearing of other peoples’ stories who have had similar experiences.

  2. @Dan: Not really. I’ve tried a few times, but was never happy with the results. It’s hard to capture experiences like that on paper (or electrons).