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Working on a book writeup, but two links worth seeing:

  • Someone did, in fact, estimate where the Twins would be if they’d done nothing this offseason. I think the answer is pretty aggressive, but a three-win swing is probably the difference between playoffs and no-playoffs for them.
  • Tom Brady is worth 1.35 Albert Pujolses. Or something like that. Of interest: Matt Cassel went to the same high school that later produced Mike Moustakas and Matt Dominguez (corrected – never blog before the double-espresso).
  • If you didn’t get the Rob Dibble stuff in today’s chat, here’s what he said about me. I’m terribly broken up about it.
  • Bad news for libertarians … and anyone else who dislikes corruption and subsidies for billionaires.

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  1. Putting anything Rob Dibble says in print is an insult to intelligence everywhere. I am now slightly dumber for having clicked over to read his what he had to say.

  2. I thought it was Dominguez who went to the same school as Moustakas, not Vitters?

  3. I think it should be noted that not only is Klaw a superior baseball analyst, his title as Sultan of Snark is safe compared to Dibble’s sorry attempt at a zinger. “Rosie O”donell.” Really, Dibby?

  4. Brian - Laveen, AZ

    Dibble is just angry because he cannot adequately scout or analyze anything…seriously, that guy is a joke.

    On a lighter note…Keith, you could take Rosie right?

  5. shouldn’t the plural of Pujols be Pujoli?

  6. I appreciate you looking over my analysis Keith. I don’t believe the method is by any means perfect but I think it highlights that if certain moves weren’t made we might be talking about anywhere from 5 – 8 extra wins for the Twinkies. Keep on keeping on.

  7. I think the plural of Pujols is Pujols, like moose. Does anyone else think it’s odd that he is waiting to have the surgery? It seems like he should have it ASAP so he misses less meaningful games, no?
    Maybe I’m just bitter that he keeps beating the Cubs. Did I say “maybe”? That’s a lie.

  8. IF Keith Law did not play Major League Baseball, THEN Keith Law is unqualified to evaluate Major League Baseball.

    SINCE Joe Morgan played Major League Baseball AND is a Hall of Famer, THEN he is the Greatest Analyst of All-Time.

    How do people like Dibble have jobs analyzing baseball on TV? Is the average viewer really so clueless? Perhaps this is also why Tim McCarver and Joe Buck are still doing the playoffs. ON FOX!

  9. Can’t we just fix this problem by having networks change the title of ex-players from Baseball analyst to Baseball opinion men. Performing in something obviously does not indicate a proficiency in analyzing something so why even call them an analyst. Then everyone would know the banter they throw out is purely opinion and analysis would need to be people who can actually like analyze and calculate stuff. Maybe have a analysis test and then an ex-player could get the title analyst instead of opinion dude. At least we wouldn’t have all these opinion men trying to validate their opinions as actual analysis. Luckily, nowhere in the title of journalist or in the job requirements of a journalist (most, present company and others excluded) is a heavy emphasis on statistical analysis, so hopefully that one will take care of itself. And if keith/rob/BP guys/etc. would just create their own “analyst” awards, etc., making it a collaboration of many, it would eventually get steam behind it and replace the opinion based awards we have now.

    Make it all happen Keith.

  10. Klaw, Dibble also said you should stick to what you know, which is making pancakes (or something). Awesome.

  11. Brian - Laveen, AZ

    In the Phoenix Market, we get one of the best analysts of all time in Mark Grace…now, Grace is a good guy, but try listening to him during a game and you will be happy that he is the color commentator!!

  12. K Law, does ESPN give you any of the residuals on those ‘We-Patented-OPS’ checks? I imagine those must be pretty hefty.

  13. Dibble’s wrong. I’ve never made doughnuts. Deep-frying is too much of a mess for my kitchen.

    Brian – no, but I’ll have my lawyer get on that ASAP.