The Onion article about me…

…okay, not really. But it could be.


  1. Keith, have you thought about giving a heads up as to which book you’re going to be reading next so that maybe we could give reading a try and posting intelligible if not intelligent comments?

  2. Hey Keith,

    This is off-topic but I have had a hard time finding BBQ sauce w/o HFCS. Thought you might be good for a few tasty recommendations.


  3. Michael: Good idea. I’m currently halfway through Watchmen.

    Bret: I don’t buy bottled BBQ sauce, since I don’t Q at home (although I’m going to try this summer). It’s not that hard to make your own, though – ketchup, molasses, salt, vinegar, onion (often grated or whirred in a food processor), liquid smoke, and spices. You might also try a large local Q place to see if they sell their sauce. My in-laws bought me a bottle of Big Ed’s sauce for Christmas, and there’s corn syrup (after sugar) but not HFCS. I assume they have to identify it as HFCS if that’s what they use.

  4. I realize I bring up this place far too often, but Trader Joe’s (if there’s one nearby) has a decent bottled bbq sauce without any corn syrup at all. It is a thick sauce though, not the thin type encountered in most q joints.

  5. Keith, before you share your thoughts on Watchmen I want to share mine. My father has been a very big comic collector for years, so I’ve been a fan of Moore’s work for a long time (especially The Killing Joke, in which Moore creates The Joker’s origin). I can say without a doubt though that Watchmen is his greatest work, and perhaps even the greatest novel I have ever read.

  6. “I’m currently halfway through Watchmen.”


  7. Ketchup many time has HFCS in it, try tomato paste and brown sugar.

  8. I’m going book shopping. What do you have on deck? Any of the top 100’s?

  9. Michael: Next up is volume 9 of A Dance to the Music of Time, followed probably by The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear.