The Mailbag of Malcontent, part 2.

Received today in the ol’ ESPN mailbag, from a reader who didn’t provide his name or an email address:

just because u have some big degrees and use the words ‘above average” u think u kno so much. if u did u would not be a blog writer. u are the stephen a smith of baseball. someone that nobody in the industry respects and like u said u took this job for face time. u are an arrognat person that b/c of their degree belittles others b/c of ur credentials. u could not cut it in toronto (that should prove ur an idiot) and feel u are an expert. i only read ur blog b/c u discuss some minor leaguers, but u wonder why ur so unpopluar. i will pay u any amount and out analyze u on any position player. u make the most obvious observations-like rob deer strikes out. and by the way any asshole who gets into harvard (much easier in ur day) gets an A…look at the stats

This would not seem to require any further comment by me.


  1. Yeah, yeah, take that, Law.

  2. The best way to make a reasonable and valid point is to substitute “you” with “u”.

  3. Seriously, please stop using using those big words like “above average” that nobody understands.

  4. Keith, this erudite reader raises a salient question: what were your grades at Harvard? Hmmmm?!

    Wait, “ur grades.”

  5. And lord knows Harvard was soooo much worse in the early 1990s than it is today, not to mention the Tepper School of Business. Terrible institutions; you should be ashamed, Keith.

    P.S. There’s now an entry for you on Wikipedia; YOU MADE IT! Congratulations on hitting the big time!

  6. Wow he showed you a thing or two. I guess you’ll be resigning your job, excuse me…”ur job”, and moving on to something new.

    I’ve got a personal blog as does my wife and we get mail like this from time to time and in some cases we’ve traced the back to the source and found a jealous cowardly person behind them. I like to think of it as a sign that I’m doing something right with my life if someone it trying to tear me down.


  8. Michael Cummings

    U talkin’ to me?

  9. Captain Easychord

    “i will pay u any amount…”

    sounds like you should take him up on his offer…

  10. I guess he showed you. I’ve gotten messages like this before, usually from members of my own family, and I take it as a sign that I’m doing something right; if I weren’t no one would be looking to take me down with their scathing and literate criticism.

  11. Whatever school that guy attended should be ashamed of his grammar. At least Harvard taught Keith correct punctuation.

  12. Nothing worse then when someone tries to belittle someone with text message grammar….oh boy!

  13. U know Keith, when I send U correspandence in privute I expct it to stay that way.

  14. I’m still trying to figure out what an “arrognat” is. I’m going to ask Joba.

  15. Sorry didn’t mean to post twice earlier, I thought the first one didn’t take.

    Also when he said “Arrognat” he may have meant Argonaut. Are you currently searching for a golden fleece?

  16. Brian Bourque: A little pot-kettle with that grammar comment, no? You know Keith, as we used to chant at the Harvard hockey team/fans, “Give me an A…A!…Give me an A…A!…Give me an A…A!…Welcome to Harvard!”

    Seriously though, keep up the good work, your chats and blogs are the best.

    Ever been up to Ithaca? Some quality eats in a small city in the middle of nowhere.

  17. Keith, I think an arrognat is one of the guys that went with Jason to get that weird sweatshirt with the Notre Dame colors.

  18. Is that a serous e-mail? It sounds like someone was trying to make a KLaw blog entry by sending a fake hate e-mail.

    Also, I have to admit the Rob Deer reference made me laugh a little inside.

  19. Since when is Toronto the benchmark for human aptitude?

  20. Keith, why do you post this stuff? I’m sure all the writers, from Rob Neyer to Joe Morgan get stupid emails like this. I really respect you as a baseball writer and only slightly less as a literature reviewer (and I *love* your chats), but sometimes you can get downright mean and combative for no reason. I wish you’d take a hint from Neyer and learn to be above the mindless criticism thrown at you from the uninformed.

  21. Sam: I’m not sure what I did that was mean or combative here. I post this stuff for laughs.

  22. I must agree with Sam here. Picking on the internet’s stupid people is a waste of time.

  23. Please explain to me how this post is picking on someone?

    The real problem here is trying to guess this emailer’s age. The text message type tells me “15,” but the Rob Deer reference skews toward someone in their late 20’s, early 30’s. Which makes the exchange all the more frightening.

  24. joseflanders

    Does JM have an email address? If he does, I would guess that our anti-Harvard “u” friend is sending him all sorts of glowing emails.

    And does terrible baseball analysis on television qualify him as a “writer”?

  25. Fyi,
    I like you more because you’re mean to the idiots who deserve it – its amusing. So that’s a counterpart to Sam.

  26. This isn’t like Baseball Prospectus comparing Willie Bloomquist to syphilis. Now that was mean.

  27. How did this person come about forming this opinion? Keith, you must have at one point responded to one of their questions in a demeaning; unflattering nature.

    Also if this person does send you some of their “analysis” on the game please be sure to post that. That would be great. Your awesome keep up the good work!